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Meet the Doctor
James Hendricks, D.C., C.S,C.S.


Dr Hendricks has been serving patients in Freeport since 1999.  Originally from the Rockland area of Maine, he settled down in Freeport after completing his Chiropractic degree.  He lives locally with this wife Tina and daughter Shea.

He received his undergraduate degree in Sports Biology from Springfield College in Springfield, MA. From there he went to graduate school at National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, IL and received his second BS in Human Biology and his Doctorate of Chiropractic.

Manipulating Away the Pain


At Freeport Integrated, we have being serving patients for the past 20 years. Dr. Hendricks started this practice to provide patients with an alternative method of care for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, rather than turn to medication or surgery. 


Many ask what sets this office apart? First it is personalized care and attention to your specifc needs, there are no "cookie cutter" treatment plans here at this office.  Secondly, don't expect to sit in the waiting room and read National Geographic from 1990.  We pride ourselves on running on schedule, your time is as important as ours.  Lastly, while Dr Hendricks is experienced in treating all types of joint and muscle related conditions/injuries, his strength lies with sports and exercise related conditions.  Combined with having been a competitive athlete for nearly 25 years, he has 30+ years of experience with exercise, sports and strengthening while understanding the mentality of the competitive athlete and what it takes to get you back into form. Whether it be on the field or at work.


Latest Clinic News:


Can't always believe what you read

I am posting this article as an example of you can't always believe what you read, even if it is on the internet!

In this case, not all these exercises are great for people with low back pain and in fact a few might even cause it.

Read more for the explanation.

I will go in order with the article:

1. Planks & Side Planks: both are actually very good strengtheners of core musculature. But for beginners best done as separate exercises. I also recommend for beginners do "modified" versions of both.

2. Back extensions: In 20 years of practice, I have rarely found having weak "back extensor" muscles to be a cause of low back pain, typically it is more likely that a weak core, weak glutes or over active hip flexors to be a cause. Also back extensions like the one shown, actually create about 1500 lbs of compression pressure in the lumbar spine. Ouch!

3.Swiss Ball Pikes: A very impressive and difficult exercise to perform. It is basically an abdominal strengthener. I would suggest try something a little less complex, like a modified sit-up.

4.Reverse Hip Raises: Just another version of back extensions.. Enough said.

5. Hip Raises or Bridges: A very good exercise for posterior chain (hamstrings and glutes). And a decent exercises for beginners.

6. Cobra. First thing to say is that the exercise in the picture is not the Cobra, it is actually the "Superman." While the real cobra exercise can relieve Sciatic Pain, the Superman is essentially only good for increasing compression forces in the lumbar spine, to the tune of about 1500 lbs of pressure.

Here is something to take home. There was a study done by the NSCA a few years back looking at the affects of a general weight training routine and low back pain over and 8 week period.

Study found that the group that exercised 3 times a week had a 35% reduction in low back pain and the group that exercised 4 times a week had a 43% reduction in pain.

So if you have low back pain and are sedentary, starting by doing general exercise. After period of time, you can always add in some core work.



Exercise & Depression


Wow, great study. Just another reason to look to conservative therapies first before prescription meds. In the least, this study reveals a combined approach should be recommended.


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